Glue Tape Roller

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Glue Tape Rollers

These Glue Tape Rollers are a high-speed, versatile yet precise alternative to traditional double-sided tapes. It now comes in 5 adhesive strengths This hand-held adhesive tape applicator lets you apply double-sided tape onto a surface efficiently and precisely. It’s ideal for sealing the edges of mailers to go in the post, and for attaching samples or papers, etc

These glue tape rollers fit into the palm of your hand and offer a safe, clean and easy way to apply double-sided tape. Try it once and we’re confident you’ll stick with it!


  • Offers superb quality and performance for bonding these roller allow you to bond a whole range of materials.
  • The unique patented swivel-head will apply adhesive tape even in curved lines and the glue tape can be applied directly to most surfaces.
  • Handy, lightweight design is easy to hold each roller is disposable so no need for reloading or emptying.
  • All rollers are suitable for archival and photographic use and are ISO photo activity testes and CE-EN71 approved and tested

Types of Roller

  • Permanent Plus (24m)
  • Removable (24m)
  • Super Permanenet (20m)
  • Permanent Value (25m)
  • Super Strip (15m)
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