Security & Speciality Ink

Daemon Print Supplies’ partnerships with HP, Kao Collins Ink and General Inks Co gives us unique access to the full range of security and speciality inks available for the HP TIJ2.5 technology. There have long been a number of security and speciality inks suppliers of niche inks to the mailing industry – but more particularly the security and secure packaging industry; Our partners are manufacturers of high quality inks for HP45a, HP45si & HP45ai print technology. 
We have kept close to our principles and undertake to supply these inks in NEW, HP manufactured HP cartridges from the pick of these specialists! This gives us the opportunity to supply high performance security and speciality inks to print on polyfilms, aluminium foil for blister packs and using UV cure technology – just about everything else!
As well as specialist material printing; we also provide security and speciality inks for security applications, such as invisible inks that only read under specific wavelengths of UV or IR light. Plus our range of in Daemon Print Supplies’ have optics that have been specifically designed to work with the Kao Collins security inks