Collins Ink

Kao Collins Ink Corporation has been making inks for addressing printers incorporating the HP print head technology since 1999. In the intervening years they have developed high performance Kao Collins ink for all aspects of the mail, packaging, coding and security industries. All Kao Collins inks are available in NEW, HP manufactured HP45a, HP45ai & HP45si cartridges.

Daemon Print Supplies stock a wide range of Kao Collins ink, blacks - such as Collins Max3, Pack Black TWK2103, Data Black TWK1966H and Reliable TWK2080H, the Kao Collins security invisible – UV & IR – ink products to help prevent fraud and counterfeiting of documents and branded luxury consumer goods, along with Kao Collins’ range of high performance, long de-cap and shelf life solvent inks.

The Kao Collins Ink range is very extensive and includes multiple colour products as well as the capability to provide inks in specific Pantone colours.