SuperRoller Glue Roller

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The SuperRoller glue roller is the latest development in industrial adhesive tape application - holding up to 75 meters of double sided adhesive tape. It is ergonomic and efficient. At just 99 grams, the SuperRoller is the lightest on the market! 

The SuperRoller glue roller is available with 3 different tapes to fulfill all of your needs: Super Permanent transfer, Permanent transfer and Permanent stripe tape.

The SuperRoller glue roller has a unique cartridge refill system there are no threading or winding on of tapes and the tapes can be changed over in a matter of seconds. 

The SuperRoller glue roller has been tested and passed the photographic activity test subject to ISO Standard 14523, meaning it's suitable for use with archival materials and photographs.

  • Super Permanent Transfer Tape, 40gsm - This is a high performance sticks all solution. This adhesive is up to five times stronger than most other rollers tested from around the world.
  • Permanent Transfer Tape, 20gsm - Our standard permanent product bonds most materials and outperforms most if not all standard roller adhesives.
  • Permanent Strip Tape - A white double sided adhesive cut into small strips allowing for accurate small area bonding.

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