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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  1. Invisible inks - Designing & Reading

    From lottery tickets to pharmaceutical bottles, security ink keeps customers and businesses safe. As inkjet technology evolves, so does the range of applications for security inks.

    Security Ink doesn't have to be Invisible

    One common misconception about security inks is that they are the same as invisible inks, while many security applications of ink do take advantage of invisible ink, there are a variety of visible security ink solutions too. An example of this is passports, many passports contain photosensitive ink that's visible to the naked eye, but changes colour or disappears when placed under a UV light. On the other hand, many people assume security ink is only for protecting important documents like passports and paper currency, but that isn't the case. There are a number of everyday applications where security ink is a common protective measure, these include concert tickets, coupons, high priced branded products, prescription medicine bottles and lottery tickets. With such a wide range of applications, security ink doesn't just protect countries from master forgers, but it protects consumers from fraud, deception and in the case of pharmaceuticals, physical harm.

    What makes Invisible Ink invisible?

    Ink does not have to have colour, in fact while dyes and pigments are what give ink its physical colour in most applications, in security applications, the same dyes and pigments can be formulated to be invisible to the naked eye. There are also taggants, which are particles added to the ink that are developed to react in proximity of a unique reader or verifier, are typically microscopic in size.
    Because invisible ink doesn't have colour, most applications of invisible security ink involve a taggant that reacts with a specially designed camera, light or scanner. When implementing security ink, the taggant is developed to react only with proper equipment using a UV, infrared or near-infrared light at a specific wavelength. While heat and chemical activating inks do exist, they are more popular in children's science experiments than in enterprise applications.
    The scanner used depends on the level of security needed, in less secure applications the ink reacts under a broad range of wavelengths. For example, ink on a concert ticket might fluoresce under any black light. In some high security cases, the taggant reacts only under a light specifically calibrated for that ink.
    The components in an invisible ink are all developed and mixed to create a fluid that is transparent to the naked eye, but re-active and visible under certain operating conditions.

    Creating Security Ink

    To create a security ink for a custom application, ink manufacturers must consider a variety of elements.


    What material will the ink be printed on? How can we ensure that the ink adheres properly to the substrate?

    Operating Conditions

    Will the printed item be used just once or many times?

    Visible Properties

    Does the ink need to be invisible to the naked eye?

    Detection Mechanism

    Is there specific equipment that will be used to validate authenticity (such as light sensitive ink on a passport) or will it be validated by the naked eye?

    Security Level

    Are there other security protocols being implemented for the application? How secure does this item need to be?


    What production speed needs to be maintained? What printing equipment or technology will be used?
    These and many other questions lead ink manufactures to develop an ink formulation that meets all of a customers' needs. The ink manufacturer isn't the only participant in these discussions, companies looking for security solutions often have to work with a printer as well as the security company that provides the taggant and the machine people will use to confirm the authenticity of the ink.

    Security Printing in the Age of Inkjet

    Security inks have been around for a long time, but technological advances made possible through inkjet technology innovation have greatly expanded the availability and capability of security inks.

    Because inkjet printing requires minimal setup time, printed security ink can be customised at a per unit level. For example, individual SKU marking on pharmaceutical bottles can help identify theft and counterfeiting at all stages.
    For businesses, inkjet security ink has obvious value, such as reducing printing downtime and expanding production line capabilities. But consumers also benefit, the adoption of security measures by companies ultimately protects customers from harm; and to make everybodys' lives simple, the InData Barcode readers in Daemon Print Supplies - product range have optics that have been specifically designed to work with the our range of Kao Collins security inks

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  2. 100% compatible Roland ® SOLMAX2 C inks

    STS Inks presents the perfect solution for your Roland printer requirements - the excellent Eco-Sol MAX 2 premium ink line.

    Specially formulated and designed to work perfectly

    The Eco-Sol MAX 2 Inks are specially formulated and designed to work perfectly with the Roland SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640, XF-640, VersaCAMM VSi and VersaExpress RF-640 printer series - 100% compatible with the Roland® SOLMAX2 inks. These inks offer consistently high quality printing with a stunning colour gamut, performance, accurate colour reproduction and the ability to print on a wide range of Eco & Mild Solvent media.

    Efficient & Cost Effective

    The Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks for Roland printers are presented in efficient 440ml cartridges, which allow your business to print large jobs with excellent results, whilst avoiding frequent cartridge changes. These inks come in a family of seven colours, which include Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Black and Light Black. These colours work perfectly with any of your Roland SOLJET Pro 4, VersaCAMM VSi and VersaExpress configurations, CMYKLcLmLk and/or CMYK, allowing you to choose the ink configuration that is right for you and your business.

    Hi-Tech & Reliable

    The technology behind the Eco-Sol MAX 2 Inks makes them environmentally friendly and water resistant with unprecedented outdoor durability without any kind of lamination. The STS Ink Cartridges are based on Plug & Play technology, which guarantees all users a perfect result, as good as using original inks. The Eco-Sol MAX 2 Inks are made in the USA for outstanding quality and performance that you can count on.

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  3. Xativa Eco & Mild Solvent Media

    The Xativa media brand has been established for over 15 years and offers one of the largest selections of specialist high quality media and textile portfolios in the industry today. Among the 1900+ products, lies the extensive range of outdoor media. Whether it's a sponsored event, kiosk advertising or a dynamic branding campaign, get the best results with the Xativa range of large format outdoor media and let your imagination run free.
    Scrim banner, high quality PVC vinyl or PVC-free materials such as textiles can be printed with UV fade-resistant inks and laminated for weather, dirt and graffiti resistance, durability and exceptional eye-catching colour. You will be able to create vibrant retail window displays with a range of self-adhesive and one-view media, or bring animation, fun and excitement to your inflatables, tailored to reflect the promotional theme in both shape and graphics.
    The Xativa media is also compatible for the majority of wide-format printers including solvent, UV, aqueous and HP Latex inks and available in a range of width sizes, suiting your product requirements and printer technology.

    Xativa Outdoor Media Collection

    For stunning, long-lasting graphics that can weather any storm, Xativa offers a range of materials for outdoor signage such as billboards, flags, banners, soft signage for printed awnings or inflatables.

    Soft Signage and Flags

    Printed awnings and sun shelters to full marquees are fast becoming a popular choice for sponsored events or festivals. This is thanks to the vast array of durable, soft-signage materials from manufacturers such as Xativa, Innova, 3P and JM Textiles. Solvent and HP Latex compatible inks produce vivid colours to maximise your impact on passers-by. Flying the flag for your brand is a high impact, low cost way of advertising that can be easily set up and transported. Digital printing allows you to create even the most complex of designs for your customers and because they're weather resistant and durable, they can be used time after time.


    When you're trying to impress with advertising material that is ripped, weather beaten and worn it can be very frustrating. Xativa's large format banner range includes vinyl, PVC, mesh, canvas and other durable media suitable for all types of digital print technology, yet they can be easily fitted or re-positioned, which makes them ideal for seasonal promotions. Alternatively, by using a combination of large format graphic banners you can form building wraps, covering huge dimensions in breath taking colour detail. Self-adhesive banner media is extremely versatile yet UV, weather resistant and the workhorse of long term advertising or display options. Some self-adhesive banners also feature special backing layers on the reverse, which blocks light penetration allowing the graphics to truly stand out under all lighting and weather conditions.

    Billboards and Signage

    Xativa offers a choice of materials for billboards that can withstand all weathers, including PVC, mesh, self-adhesive vinyl and paper. The requirement for outdoor signage graphics can be complex, especially when matching the creative demands of the customer. Fortunately, Xativa not only offer a wide range of materials that can ensure stunning colour across each material, but they can help with bran colour consistency for seamless campaigns across a multitude of platforms including illuminated lightboxes and kiosks. Pop-Up/Roll-Up The benefits of pop-up and roll-up banner systems include affordability, portability, they’re versatile and effective. Combine them with the latest ink technology and Xativa roll-up and pop-up grey-back media and you get professional looking graphics which when laminated, become dirt, scuff and weather resistant. For longer-term outdoor use and eliminating the need for laminating altogether, Xativa supply heavy duty, anti-curl media in a range of finishes with optional light blocking properties on the reverse for stunning promotional banners displayable in all lighting conditions.

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