Sprayway Rubber Rejuvenator

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Please be aware that Sprayway Rubber Rejuvenator is classified as 'HazChem' for shipment and shipping is via Road only and may take additional time to be delivered.

Sprayway Rubber Rejuvenator

Sprayway 203 Rubber Cleaner and Rejuvenator cleans rollers and rejuvenates conveyor belts and many non-rubber surfaces too. Removing difficult build up on rollers and belts as well as copier machine copy covers and flaps; Sprayway 203 helps to extend life of the rubber rollers and conveyor belts, improving production in the print shop.

  • The rubber cleaner contains no Ozone depleting chemicals.
  • The Sprayway 203 Rubber Cleaner and Rejuvenator can be used while the machine is running, meaning no time is lost.
  • Eliminates friction, glazing from gum, hardened ink, coatings, oxidation and light embossing on rubber conveyor belts.

This product is a 370g Aerosol can and is thereofre classed as HazChem for transport purposes

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