Machine Apply Discs 29mm

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Machine Apply Circular Discs 29mm

These 29mm clear circular discs are used to close folded products such as Booklets and Magazines. These tabs are used for sealing mailing pieces, the permanent glue will keep your package or mailer securely closed in transit. The perforated feature serves as a security seal on retail boxes and the product will be kept closed and once torn the discs cannot be put back together.

These tabs are machine applied on the Profold Linx Side Edge Tabber and the Buskro BK730 Tabber. The 29mm circular tabs come in 20,000 tabs per roll, the roll has a core diameter of 75mm and has black trigger lines between each tab. They have permanent glue and perf to edge perforations to ensure your package or mailer stays securely closed.

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