Capping Clips

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Capping Clips

Cartridge Capping Clips are individual clips that are used to cap partly used cartridges and come in 10 clips per pack. They will benefit your print use in the following ways:

  • Seals cartridge from ingressing air and dust
  • Prolongs lifetime of part-used cartridges
  • Good maintenance of your cartridges will allow for good print quality

These Cartridge Capping Clips should be used to maintain print quality when cartridges are to be left unused for a certain period of time.

If cartridges are being stored for two days or less the cartridge can be left in the machine and the print cartridge will need to be wiped and purged before the next use. If the period is longer than three days the cartridge can be left in a capping clip to prevent cartridges from drying out, then placed in an airtight container with a damp cloth. Again the cartridge will need to be purged and wiped before the next use.

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