Become a Reseller of HP Original Inks

Daemon Print Supplies is one of HP Special Print & Technology Solutions (HP SPTS) biggest independent ink resellers in Europe, and is unique in the UK as the only stockist of ALL of HP SPTS’s TIJ inks.

In our Cambridge warehouse, we keep stock and supply of all HP SPTS’s inks, along with their licensee partners General & Kao Collins, no matter how esoteric or how short their shelf life, and we have regular pallet deliveries from all our suppliers to guarantee short turnaround supply.

We are an experienced fulfilment house for not only end users but Purchasing Agents and other Resellers. Businesses who need to provide a full service offering to their customers but do not have the volumes to justify stocking all the products themselves rely on us.

Daemon can offer ‘white cover’ supply to ensure that your customer is unaware that the product has drop shipped to them from anywhere other than your warehouse, alternatively we can supply under Reseller paperwork and in all circumstances we undertake that customers are ring fenced so we never compete directly.

If you are a Purchasing Agent or are selling industrial printing consumable commodities to your customers , why not use us to widen the product range that you can supply to their needs.

If your business would be interested in discussing the products and reseller supply, please contact us via email or phone.

Become a Reseller of the Flux C02 Laser Cutter & Engraver Machines

Daemon Print Supplies is a UK based B2B webshop selling predominantly printing inks to the industrial print industry but with a range of supporting products amongst which are a range of Laser Cutters aimed at the Education, Craft and small Engineering Sector. As the UK Distributor for Flux Lasers, we import and stock the machines in the UK, recruit and support regional resellers across the UK and also provide warranty repair and ongoing back to base service support where the reseller doesn't want to take these services on for themselves. We see the Laser Cutters as a complement to 3D printing, with a strong place in Education and in the ‘professional’ craft market, we have also sold to small engineering firms and to home users.

About Flux Laser Cutters

The Flux range of C02 laser cutter/engravers consists of 3 different machines with varying platform sizes and laser power. These machines can engrave and cut a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, ceramics and even metal. As these are desktop laser cutters they can fit comfortably in an office, workshop and even at home. To find out more about these machines and their add ons please click the links below:

If your business would be interested in discussing the products and a possible reseller role, please contact us via email or phone.