Daemon Print Supplies is committed to helping protect the environment by being part of all of our Suppliers Recycling Programmes, so if your company is ISO14001 we can help you comply by returning your empty print cartridges to us for recycling.

   Why Recycle?

  • Across Europe, more than 200 million inkjet cartridges are sent to landfill or being incinerated each year.
  • Worldwide this figure increases to over 500 million.
  • Plastics used in inkjet cartridges can take over 10 centuries to decompose 90ml of oil is used to produce each inkjet cartridge.
  • Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming.
  • Inkjet cartridge recycling helps reduce this 'greenhouse gas' as well as conserving resources and reducing waste.


Please contact us for information on the recycling process.