Low Lint Cartridge Wipes

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Use these low lint cartridge wipes, which are soft and fibreless to maintain constant print quality and extend HP ink cartridge life time.

Virtually lint free, these low lint cartridge wipes provide a high absorbency alternative where cleanroom conditions are not required. The polyester in these wipes provides the strength and the cellulose contributes the excellent liquid retention, together forming a hard wearing, porous set of wipes which can be applied to a variety of jobs.

  • High absorbency, heavy-duty tech wipes
  • Used in a range of industries, for example: the pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as chemical and food clean up.
  • Used for cleaning instrument parts and printer components
  • Ideal for an array of different purposes, such as solvent wiping, polishing, machinery and heavy industrial.
  • White in colour and exceptionally economical
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Made from a hydro-entangled blend of Polyester & Cellulose
  • Can be applied to sensitive surfaces as does not leave any lint residue behind
  • More versatile than rags and tougher than paper
  • Ensures scratch free wiping on delicate surfaces
  • 100 tech wipes per pack

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