FLUX Extended Warranty

Flux Laser Cutters come with a standard 12 month back to base parts and labour warranty. The Daemon Print Supplies Extended Warranty extends this warranty for an additional 12 months meaning that you have worry free operation for 24 months.

Repairs in the workshop are covered under warranty, parts and labour are free of additional charge subject to Terms & Conditions below. The Customer can choose to have the machine repaired in the workshop or for parts for repairs to be sent to them.

Spare Parts:

Most parts are covered under warranty except for Consumable parts. Parts not covered under warranty include:

  • Laser tube
  • Honeycomb bed
  • Mirrors
  • Focal lens
  • Vent hose
  • All Mirror Holders & 3rd Mirror Assembly

Faults found to be caused by misuse of the machine, parts and labour for the repair will be billable. The customer will be contacted with costing information and permission to continue with the work.


  • The extended warranty labour is on a back to workshop basis.
  • Where the customer elects to self-repair, after detailed remote diagnostics, parts will be sent and engineer support given to assist the customer in the repair.
  • Machines will be repaired not replaced.


For the extended warranty to include the cost of shipping of the machines back to the workshop, the customer must keep the original machine packaging (excluding the pallet where relevant).

  • If the original packaging has not been kept (including original box and inserts) machine owner will arrange and pay for the return of the machine to the workshop and pay for the shipment of the machine back to them.
  • No responsibility for any damage caused to the machine during transit will fall to Daemon if is not returned in ALL the original packaging.
  • Owner can choose to drop off and collect the machine at our Cambridge workshop for repair instead of having the machine shipped.


  • If machine is sold on the extended warranty is not transferrable with the machine.
  • If the machine is sold back to Daemon for an upgrade to a bigger machine, the extended warranty will not be transferred to the new machine purchased i.e., each warranty policy is only associated with the machine for which it was purchased.

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