IQ128 UV LED Curable Ink

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The General IQ128 Ink is a UV LED curable ink and cures under UV lamps to produce a highly durable, high gloss print image.This pigment ink comes in a 45si type cartridge and has a shelf life of 5 months. General IQ128 is wholly compatible with and now replaces General IQ102 UV LED curable ink.

Please be aware that IQ128 UV LED Curable Ink is classified as 'HazChem' for shipment and shipping is via Road only and may take additional time to be delivered.

The General IQ128 Ink is a UV LED curable ink and produces a high gloss and highly durable print. If you are currently using the Tritron LC Pro or General IQ102 ink or are new to UV curing applications this is the new generation of UV LED curable inks.


  • Cures under 395nm UV lamps to produce a high gloss, highly durable print image
  • High Speed Curing :30m / min. (Lamp Output: 8W)
  • The General IQ128 Ink is suitable for PET, PP, PVC, Gloss Card, Special PE, Hard PVC card
  • Pigment, 45si type cartridge
  • Shelf Life - now 5 months
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Cartridge Type

HP Thermal Inkjet 45 Si Cartridge



Ink Type

Solvent Based Ink

Decap Time

1 hour under normal condition and environment

Printing Parameters

Firing Voltage: 10.0V
Pulse Width: 1.7us

Pulse Warming


Shelf Life

5 months from fill date

Heater Requirements

No dryer necessary

Operating Condition

15°C~35°C (59F ~ 95F)

Storage Condition

15°C~35°C (59F ~ 95F)

Maximum Frequency


Head Cleaning

Wipe with dry lint-free cloth
Do not clean with water

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