Neschen NW Wallpaper

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Neschen NW Wallpaper Latex-UV

The Neschen NW Wallpaper Latex-UV is a PVC-free Non-Woven lighter weight digital printable wallpaper with a smooth and sand textured surface ideal for printing with Latex or UV curable inks resulting in a high quality photo-realistic print and is certified to EN13501-1 certification.

The Neschen NW Wallpaper Latex-UV is suited for retail and signage applications, it comes in both smooth and sand media finishes. The Neschen NW Wallpaper Latex-UV Smooth is 170gsm, 63in (1600mm) and has a length of 50m. The Neschen NW Wallpaper Latex-UV Sand is 175gsm, 63in (1600mm) and has a length of 50m.

The Neschen NW Wallpaper Latex-UV is compatible with Latex Solvent and UV Curable Inks.

This media will be fit for purpose and free of manufacturing defects 90 days from date of purchase.

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