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Glue dots are used in a variety of industries from Print Finishers, Contract Packers, Direct Mail and other companies which use Glue Dots in General Packaging and Product Assembly. These Glue Dots Box of 2000 and 5000 are primarily used for attaching items (CD's, free samples, flyers etc.) to magazines and other promotional literature.

A great way to stick items together - or to hold things in place for packaging, Glue Dots are colourless, quick and easy to use and dispense a standard dot of glue everytime.

Glue Dots increase productivity for the Contract Packer or Print Finisher as the bond is instant and they are supplied in their own dispensing box removing the need for expensive hot melt glue machinery and avoiding messy application.

We stock 4 standard grades they are:

  • Easy-Tak has a very low tack and is easily peeled off most materials whether inserts, videos or gifts for magazines.
  • Easy-Mid Tak has a low tack and is easily peeled off most substrates. Ideal for applying business cards to literature.
  • Mid Tak is easily peeled off most substrates. Ideal for applying mid-weight board or plastic cards to carriers. Also used where post attachment operations (machine or hand) are required.
  • Vertical Hold Tak has been designed for permanent vertical and horizontal bonding. Peelable off certain substrates such as wood and glass. Ideal for poster application.

Our dots conform to FDA food approval 175.105, 175.150 and 175.300 (suitable for use within food areas and even direct food contact). They are EN71 certified, comply with Reach Regulation 1907/2006 and are manufactured to ISO Standards.

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