FLUX Starter Training program

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Training is available Mondays to Wednesdays between 11am and 3pm, please leave a message at checkout with your preferred date and time to book your training.

Starter Training program

Expand your knowledge and boost your confidence with our in-person training program. We provide you the ultimate experience of owning a laser cutter, this includes an in-depth; hands-on training guide to offer everything you need to know about owning, handling and maintaining the Flux Laser Cutters. We offer this to all people including new starters and people who might already own one of the laser cutters. You'll learn about all parts of the machine including:


  • Which firmware to use and how to update it
  • How to install autofocus (Beamo)
  • How to adjust ventilator rotational speed
  • How to install rotary


  • Which software to use
  • Importing pictures and resolution settings
  • Layering
  • How to trace images
  • Pre-sets and how to adjust settings


  • How to refill water tank
  • How to adjust the focus
  • Camera calibration
  • Optical path alignment and cleaning mirrors
  • Keeping your machine lubricated
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