Dot Shot™ Pro Glue Dot Applicator


Dot Shot Pro Glue Dot Applicator

The Dot Shot™ Pro Glue Dot Applicator makes short work of a variety of jobs in a variety of industries. Whether you are into packaging, printing and bindery, manufacturing, mail and fulfillment or just general material handling, the Dot Shot™ Pro Glue Dot Applicator is a flexible, robust and safe answer to applying adhesive dots.


  • The Dot Shot™ Pro Glue Dot Applicator makes long jobs quick and clean, reducing excess costs and enhancing productivity.
  • Trigger-less and Safe - no sharp edges or cutters
  • As the gun doesn't require electricity, it's light and portable and safer than hot glue guns
  • Lays individual adhesive dots or a continuous row on many surfaces

Find the Glue dots and tapes available for the Dot Shot™ Pro below.

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