CD Fixings

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CD Fixings

Daemon Print Supplies offer a range of CD Fixings, these products are used to attached CD's and DVD's to promotional items.

  • The SuperStuds are foam holders, they are fast, easy and clean to use and they have a high tack self-adhesive backing.
  • The SuperCentres enable the CD's and DVD's to easily click onto and off the device as often as needed, they have been manufactured in house using a vacuum formed process and they are simple to use.
  • The SuperSpiders are ingenious plastic clips, which will attach CD's and DVD's to almost anything you like. 

As well as the CD Fixings, Daemon Print Supplies also offer Hand Apply DiscsMachine Apply Discs and a wide range of Glue Dots and Tape products.


The SuperStuds are foam studs/holders that can attach CDs and DVD's to almost any surface including presentation packs, binders and mailers. SuperStuds are fast, easy and non-messy to use, they have a high tack self adhesive backing and they will be delivered on the next working day. The CD/DVD is twisted onto the SuperStuds for a secure fit. 

  • Size: 16mm diameter x 4mm Height
  • Colour: Available in Black and White (upon request)
  • The SuperStuds are available in rolls of 1000 and 5000


SuperCentres enable CDs and DVDs to be attached to a wide range of promotional items such as presentation packs, binders and mailers. Simple and lightweight, the SuperCentres enable the CD to easily click onto and off the device as often as required, available in bags of 100 or 1000. SuperCentres are fast, easy and non messy to use, they have been manufactured in house using a vacuum formed process and they can be delivered the next working day.

The SuperCentres CD Fixings are available in Black. But we can supply them in white or transparent upon request.

Self Adhesive SuperSpiders

SuperSpiders are simple, lightweight and ingenious plastic clips, which attach CDs and DVDs to pretty much anything you like. The CD/DVD can be repeatedly click onto and off the spider, so can be taken off and put back on as often as required. The self adhesive SuperSpiders have an average diameter of 30mm +/- 0.5mm and a maximum height of 4mm +/- 0.2mm, the self adhesive Super Spiders are made of high impact polystyrene.

The CD/DVD self adhesive SuperSpiders come in a bag of 100 or 1000 and are available in Black. If you require the SuperSpider in white or transparent please Contact Us.

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