SIHL TriSolv PostArt Paper Plus 130 Satin

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The SIHL TriSolv Poster Paper Plus 130 Satin is a FSC certified multi-layer coated weather and water resistant bright white paper with a satin finish specifically developed for solvent latex and UV curable inks. Prints impress with high colour brilliance and good image definition. The material possesses quick ink drying properties and good flatness. SIHL TriSolv Poster Paper Plus 130 Satin 130 qualifies for outdoor billboard applications and displays good resistance to scratches and very good folding endurance.

130 SIHL TriSolv Poster Paper Plus 130 Satin is available in widths of 42”, 54”, 60” and 63"(1067mm, 1372mm, 1524mm, 1600mm), 61m long.

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