Mutoh Printer Inks

Our range of Mix and Match inks from STS for the Mutoh Wide Format Printers are designed to be Plug and Play. The ink packages contain the Chips needed to ensure that the ink is recognised and properly handled by the Mutoh printer, and the Mix and Match formulation means that you do not need to change your print set ups to colour match when changing from the Manufacturers' ink to STS.

As well as being low odour, and environmentally friendly, our compatible inks display excellent adhesion and compatibility with all the typical coated and uncoated media that you currently use and are guaranteed for outdoor durability and scratch resistance without lamination for up to 2 years.

STS Mutoh Inks Brochure

So why pay for originals when we can deliver the widest colour gamut and intense colours with smooth tonal gradations at a great discount on the OEM products.

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