HP Printer Inks

Daemon Print Supplies offer high quality compatible HP Designjet ink cartridges for a number of the HP printer ranges. These inks match OEM quality and performance and you don't have to either flush your machine or adjust the colour profiles you are already running. These Inks are available in the following Printer Models:

HP Designjet Z6100/Z6100PS HP Designjet T6x0/T7x0 HP Designjet Z6200 HP Designjet T7100 And T7200PS
HP Designjet 5000/5500 Series HP Designjet L310/L330/L360 HP Designjet L26500/L28500/LX260/LX280 HP Designjet L25500

As well as being low odour, and environmentally friendly, our compatible inks display excellent adhesion and compatibility with all the typical media that you currently use and are guaranteed for outdoor durability and scratch resistance without lamination for up to 2 years.