KJS Print and Mail in Peterborough

are a long time user of a Daemon Print Supplies KT Tabbers. Initially buying one unit to run specialist closing jobs, then purchasing a second to cope with demand, the KT Tabbers were run by the IT Team. But as the jobs were specialist, KJS did not purchase the FX Feeder designed to run with the KT Tabbers, but used Surefeed friction feedes that they had available on the factory floor. However, as the tabbing work became more mainstream, and the shop floor production staff were taking on more and more of the volume it became apparent that the process and set up for production needed to be simplified. At which point, after two years of discussion and persuasion, KJS finally purchased an FX Feeder to run with one of their KT Tabbers. The day after taking delivery we received the following message from James:

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the feeder! Can't believe how good it is"

So while the KT Tabbers will run perfectly well with any friction feeder that you may have on the factory floor, like everything else, when things are designed to run together, you tend to get the best results.It took two years for us to convince KJS to do the right thing, but with our combo offer on the Tabbers & Feeders (30% discount on the feeder if purchased with the Tabber) we do our best to convince you quicker than this if we can.

Barry Sherwood, Managing Director of BK Printing Supplies Ltd,

recently purchased our AutoTabber machine for mail and box closing, he was kind enough to say:

"The AutoTabber is one of the most useful of my finishing machines, it is so easy to set up and use (as you can see from the video on the AutoTabber Product Page) and speeds up the mail closing process enormously. It is well worth the relatively low investment required due to the repeatability of tab placement and the time saved on the jobs; which we previously did totally manually. I am so glad I found Daemon Print Supplies and their ever helpful staff"

Ben at Lomnitz in Cape Town, South Africa

has been a customer for our Collins Inks since they were added to Daemons' product range:

"We would like to thank Daemon Print Supplies for the outstanding service rendered to us over the past 12 months. Thanks to your support and assistance we have been able to source the correct products for our clients resulting in repeat business for us and also earning the respect from our clients for offering the correct solutions where required. We are most impressed by the after sales warranty service which again allows our clients to show confidence in our ability to resolve issues.

Full Letter from Lomnitz & Associates Please contact Lomnitz & Associates for local supply of any of Daemons' products in South Africa.