Collins Colours

Collins offer a wide range of colours - see the pantone references given with each option. If you don't see the Collins colour inks you are looking for here, please contact us with the PMS reference, it maybe in Collins' extended colour range or it could be mixed for you.

Collins Colour Inks are available in Standard, Fast Dry or "Heads Up" ranges of ink to optimise the ink performance for decap time, drying and adhesion on your products in every colour.

  • The Collins Colour inks standard cartridges will provide you with a quality image, which resists smudging on coated sheets.
  • The Fast dry ink dries extremely fast on uncoated media.
  • The "Heads Up" formulation is a unique technology, which features in Collins Colour inks, it allows cartridges to start up after long periods of downtime and still provide you with great quality when printing recommences. The "Heads Up" formulation also requires less operator maintenance and doesn't require capping or purging between prints, enhancing your productivity and turnaround time.