Econodot Machine and Supplies

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Econodot Machine and Supplies

The EconoDot combines simplicity with affordability in a bench-top, automated Glue dot dispenser machine. Designed for both short or long run jobs in the packaging, print, direct mail & fulfillment, manufacturing, assembly and craft industries. 
Choose from High Tack or Super High Tack low profile glue dots to make the EconoDot adhesive application quick, easy and effective.

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Designed for Ease of Use:

  • Fast, easy start up and operation
  • Simply press product to nose plate, remove and Glue Dots automatically advance
  • Glue dot dispenser with no waste, no mess and no excess glue - one dot at a time
  • Counter allows operators to monitor adhesive use.

As well as being Versatile:

  • Dispenses most Glue dot adhesives, including glue lines
  • Lightweight design and small footprint allow the Auto Dot to be quickly and easily moved from work station to work station
  • Repositionable application pad sensor
  • Holds rolls of up to 8,000 Glue Dots

Outstanding Value:

  • Speeds up print finishing and packaging processes
  • Pays for itself in speed and increased productivity
  • Ideal for contract packaging businesses, workshops and fulfilment houses.

Glue Dot Options:

  • High Tack, Low (0.5mm) Profile, 9mm Dots, 4000 Dots per Rolls, 3 Rolls per pack
  • Super High Tack, Low (0.5mm) Profile, 9mm Dots, 4000 Dots per Rolls, 3 Rolls per pack

Glue Dots are compliant with FDA standards for use food related applications, for SDS, compiance, Regulatory and FDA Statement documents, please follow this link.

Glue Dots for this machine are available in Low (0.5mm), Medium (1.0mm) and High (2.0mm) Profile and in Low, High, High Shear and Super High Tack. We offer Low (0.5mm) Profile dots as standard. For other glue dot types please contact us

Machine Specification:

  • Length: 470mm
  • Depth: 178mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Noise: 45dB
  • Power: 100 - 240V AC
  • 50 - 60 Hz, 0.5A, 24V DC
  • Cycle Rate: 1 adhesive pattern per second
  • Capacity: Max 8,000 Glue Dots roll
  • Max 225mm OD roll
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Materials: Steel, Aluminum
Dimensions: 18.5” L x 10.5” H x 7.0” D
Weight: 10lbs
Noise: 45db


Cycles: 1 adhesive pattern per second
Capacity: Up to an 8,000-count roll on registered liner; Maximum 9” roll diameter
Temp: Min 50 ° F; Max 122 ° F

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