Class 10 Cleanroom Wipes

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  • Durable and non-abrasive
  • Ultra-low levels of particles
  • 4 edges laser cut and sealed
  • Engineered tear resistant
  • Unique double ply Polyester wipe
  • 9"x 9" sheet size
  • 150 wipes per pack
  • Made in the UK

Use these Class 10 Cleanroom Wipes to maintain constant print quality and extend cartridge life time. These wipes are perfect for the cleaning of tools and equipment, when outstanding absorbency is required. Uniquely formulated for optimum liquid holding capacity. To clean your printhead efficiently you should use these Cleanroom Wipes and wipe slowly and lightly across the tip of the long edge of the printhead. Do not use cloths containing lint, as these will scratch and clog the nozzles.

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