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New Line of Flux Laser Cutters and Engravers (plus additional spare parts) Debut to Daemon Print Supplies

Flux Beamo Products Debut to Daemon Print Supplies

A new product line debuts on Daemon Print Supplies and is in our new ‘Print Finishing and Professional Craft’ category. The product is the ‘Flux Beamo.’ It showcases a powerful 30-watt CO2 laser, that can cut and engrave on organic materials and even engrave select metal.

Beamo has very precise cutting and engraving making it great for designs of any detail level. You are even able to take the bottom off to etch larger pieces. With its innovative design, Flux promises you will be just steps away from making amazing new things.

This is the world’s smallest CO2 laser cutter and engraver – which is suitable for any small business, school or personal home use.

Beamo is fully enclosed, and it automatically pauses if the lid is opened during a task. If an emergency occurs, you can shut down the machine immediately with a single switch.

    The product can cut and engrave onto a large quantity of everyday materials; including
  • leather
  • cement
  • rubber
  • stainless steel and many more

It’s a quick and easy process, involving only four main steps.

  • You draw or provide a picture of the image you would like engraving or cutting, then upload the picture onto your Beamo machine by effortlessly just taking a picture of it.
  • Then you tap and drag the image to adjust and edit the dimensions of your image to fit your desired look.
  • Lastly, you print it.

It’s very easy to install - the set up process is equally as simple and accessible.

Beamo uses file formats that we are all familiar with, such as JPG, PNG, SVG and DXF, additionally it also includes a handy tutorial. The Beamo studio is completely free and you’re more than welcome to download it even before receiving your Beamo. Beam Studio is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. You can connect your Beamo to your computer or laptop via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or smartphone hotspot.